Wrinkle removal

Botox – botulinum toxin

Botox is one of the most effective treatments of aesthetic medicine providing anti-wrinkle effects. The substance is administered in small doses, which is why it works only at the injection spot. Botulinum toxin has a strong influence blocking nerve connections (for example, nerves responsible for facial muscle tension). It is this property of Botox that is used in cosmetology.

Every day, when we frown or laugh, the muscles of the face get cramped. Skin folds, which occur as a result, create wrinkles and lines, such as “crow’s feet” or glabellar lines, so-called mars or “lion’s wrinkle”. These wrinkles deepen over time, becoming more and more visible. It is enough to use a simple, safe treatment with botulinum toxin and there will be no trace of wrinkles. Botulinum toxin can effectively smooth facial lines and restore youth, and “fresh” look.

How does the toxin work

Botulinum toxin blocks the passage of stimuli between the nerves and small facial muscles associated with facial expression. It prevents contractions of these muscles and, at the same time, wrinkling and folding of the skin, leading to relaxation of the muscle and the skin above it. Restoration of neuromuscular endings takes place after about 4-6 months, which is related to the effect of botulinum toxin. Botox works only within the muscles which it was injected to, while the remaining muscles function as normal. As a result, facial expression does not change, however wrinkles disappear. Botulinum toxin treatment does not cause freezing of facial expressions.
The pain associated with injections is minimal. Many patients compare it to an ant bite lasting a few seconds. The treatment does not require local anesthesia, so you can take simple activity directly after it. The duration of the procedure is about 15 minutes depending on the number of injections. Botulinum toxin starts to work 2-3 days after the injection and the full effect of the treatment can be observed only after 7-14 days.

Botulinum toxin is widely used in removing:

  • glabellar lines
  • horizontal lines on the forehead
  • crow’s feet
  • laugh lines between eyes
  • smoothing the neck line
  • raising eyebrows, which gives them a younger look and mildens the look of eyes


Before the Botox treatment /After 14 days from injecting Botox

Contraindications to use botulinum toxin:

  • pregnancy, breast-feeding
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • chronic autoimmune diseases
  • neuromuscular junction disorders
  • diseases of the nervous system, e.g. Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

Filling with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the skin and responsible for maintaining water in it. Due to its origin and very long experience in its application, it is an effective and predictable preparation, most importantly safe. Various available densities of hyaluronic acid allow you to get rid of various problems – starting from removal of small wrinkles, through filling of furrows, up to volumetric face correction. The most common treatments with its use include the following:

  • filling the nasolabial furrows
  • filling the “valley of tears”
  • filling the “marionette line”
  • contour and lip augmentation
  • volumetric correction of cheeks, temples, beard area

Hyaluronic acid allows you to get different effects depending on the needs. The treatment is short and practically painless thanks to anesthesia.

Duration of the treatment: about 10-15 minutes
Used preparations: Restylane

Duration of the effects: from 4 months (light preparations used for superficial wrinkles) up to 18 months (volumetry), on average about 8 months.

The effects are visible immediately, however, for 7-10 days the acid stabilizes its structure, therefore the area should be treated gently.

The treatment does not require convalescence, minor bruises and slight swelling may occur.

At our Aesthetic Medicine Clinic we also perform non-surgical face lift using lifting threads.

kwas hialuronowy


Radiesse™ – a new treatment based on calcium hydroxyapatite

wygładzanie zmarszczek

Radiesse is one of the most original wrinkle-filling preparations that, apart from its filling function, serves shaping the contour of the face. Increases skin density, improves its structure without excessive volume addition.

The effects of the treatment are visible immediately and usually last over a year, and in many cases longer. The main ingredient of the preparation is calcium hydroxyapatite with a unique and patented composition, identical to that found in human bones and teeth. This guarantees complete safety of the procedure.

Double effect of Radiesse

Thanks to a special gel carrier, an immediate filling effect is possible, visible immediately after the treatment. Over time (about 4 months), the gel is absorbed by macrophages and disappears, but a new collagen, produced by fibroblasts, takes its place. The production of new collagen takes place around the calcium hydroxyapatite micromolecules, which create a “scaffolding” in the tissues and are a peculiar factor stimulating production of collagen fibers. Consequently, the skin naturally rejuvenates, becomes thicker and more elastic.


wypełnianie zmarszczekRadiesse can be used to fill moderate and deep nasolabial furrows, mentolabial lines, zygomatic areas and improve the shape and contour of the face, including the nose. Radiesse is also used for rejuvenation of the dorsal surface of the hands, as hands, similarly to the face, reveal the passage of time. Vessels and bones are more and more visible on the dorsal surface of the hands. The lost volume can be recovered thanks to the Radiesse treatment.

Deciding to undergo the procedure does not require to perform anti-allergic tests. The preparation does not contain ingredients of animal origin. Radiesse is 100% biocompatible, i.e. it gets absorbed the natural way. Usually, one treatment is enough, however after 3-4 months, a doctor’s consultation is recommended, during which the doctor will make an assessment and, if necessary, perform a complementary procedure. Patients usually return to full activity immediately after the treatment. Possible side effects such as swelling, pain, bruising or redness usually disappear after 2-3 days.

Duration of the treatment: 15-20 minutes.

Safety and effectiveness of Radiesse has been confirmed by numerous clinical studies.

In our Clinic in Gdansk, you can also undergo a treatment of wrinkles with Botox.
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