Plastic surgery – Mini lift

Mini Lift

Mini Lift is one of the most popular and most often performed plastic surgery procedures. Lifting the skin in specific areas such as the neck, forehead or cheeks, allows to reverse the aging process, visibly rejuvenating your face. Consequently, it improves the face contours and smoothes out wrinkles.

Mini Lift can be performed both for women and men. The incision is located near the ear – just in front of the auricle, around the earlobe, to the hairline behind the ear. After healing the wound becomes virtually invisible. Excess skin is removed, resulting in its proper tension and smoothness. After the procedure, the patient wears a special dressing, which secures the incisions.

If you are not convinced to undergo plastic surgery, however would like to get rid of wrinkles, you may want to familiarize yourself with the aesthetic surgery offered in our clinic. In our offer you will find, among others, botox and hyaluronic acid wrinkle filling, as well as facial lifting with lifting threads.