Laser removal of birthmarks – laser therapy
In our Aesthetic Medicine Clinic we also perform treatments in the field of laser therapy. Thanks to specialized lasers, it is possible to perform non-invasive removal of scars, capillaries and birthmarks. Prior to choosing the procedure, it is worth getting familiarized with the basic information on all types of lasers.


A laser that “does wonders”


We present a new laser, formerly presented from the perspective of aesthetic gynecology. However, this laser has possibilities that amaze our patients. Please see a full presentation below, but let’s just say one thing: if someone underwent the CO2 laser treatment earlier, they know that it was a painful procedure (you had to anesthetize with Emla cream before the procedure – half an hour with the cream covered with foil on the face. Subsequently, the patients underwent the procedure which was uncomfortable after all. After the treatment, cold compresses, swelling. Some people needed a few days to regain their normal appearance.

Now…. we present its possibilities:
The technique used is the latest achievement in the field of laser impulses

The EdgeOneTM laser has high peak power in the Ultra Pulse mode thanks to the innovative techniques of laser head feeding. The ablation threshold is achieved very quickly and the thermal damage of adjacent tissues is minimal, which reduces the pain experienced by the patient during the procedure. Thanks to the possibility of obtaining high peak power, EdgeOneTM quickly leads to tissue ablation leaving a narrow, controlled zone of thermal damage. The laser impulse achieved thanks to these solutions has been called Edge Pulse

EdgePulse resurfacing technology
• Evaporation (ablation) of the skin by the fractional method
• Short treatment time and minimal side effects
• Rapid resolution of post-treatment symptoms
• EdgePulse produces high peak power in a very short time, which allows rapid ablation of the dermis and epidermis.
• Thermal damage zone: Apart from ablation, each laser pulse also brings heat to the dermis. Deep heating causes immediate contraction of the tissue, which minimizes damage to the epidermis and reduces the time of regeneration.

Precision and efficiency
The operator can precisely determine the density, type and shape of the scan, the distance between the points, the exposure time and the size of the area to be treated. These parameters can be individually set to adapt each treatment exactly to the patient’s needs.

Basic applications:
Fractional and total laser resurfacing, as well as surgical procedures.
Resurfacing laserowy frakcyjny

• Freckles, blemishes, age spots
• Pigmentation
• Warts, hypertrophic scars, condylomas
• Acne scars, burns
• Atrophic scars
• Stretch marks
• Small wrinkles, flaccid skin
• Deep wrinkles
• Large pores, seborrheic keratosis
• Improving skin tone
• Rejuvenation of the neck skin, bust and hands

• Catarrh
• Snoring

• Vaginal rejuvenation
• Vaginal bleaching

• Circumcision
• Hemorrhoids

EdgeOneTM laser in the version with equipment for treatments in the field of aesthetic gynecology

Automatic tip recognition
EdgeOneTM automatically recognizes the tips and prevents risks caused by setting incorrect treatment parameters.

EdgeOneTM automaticEdgeOneTM automatycznie rozpoznaje końcówki
EdgeOneTM automatic

Operating modes of the tip
• Surgical tip for cutting and coagulation
• Scanning tip for dermatology
• Scanning tip for gynecology

Different scanner setting patterns
• Diversified point patterns and scanning modes
• A wide range of defining beam emission parameters
• Prevention of heat diffusion to neighboring healthy tissues by an appropriate distance between each irradiation of the point

The laser beam is guided along the vaginal canal until complete tissue coverage is achieved

Diseases associated with VRS (vaginal relaxation syndrome)
• Stress urinary incontinence (SUI)
• Vaginal protrusion
• Pruritus
• Vaginal bleeding
• Vaginal discharge
• Vaginal atrophy


Expected effects of Laser Vaginal Tightening

• Increased flexibility of the vaginal muscles
• Reduction of the inside and outside diameter of the vagina
• Eases gynecological diseases
• Soothes the symptoms urinary incontinence
• Firms the walls of the vagina

Advantages of EdgeOne therapy
• New, unique optical technology
• Ergonomic gynecological scanner
• No bleeding, immediate haemostasis
• A painless treatment, does not require anesthesia

Laser absorption in the skin
• Use of light for ablation of the epidermis and delivery of heat to the dermis
• High absorption wavelength for water is typical for CO2 and Er:YAG lasers

Laser removal of capillaries

usuwanie naczynekModern lasers allow safe removal of capillaries up to 3 mm in diameter, regardless of their colour, without damaging the skin. Depending on the size and type of vessels we use APL laser for this purpose or a diode laser SALSA 940 nm. During the procedure, the hemoglobin is heated to the temperature that causes the vessel to close. The closure is usually permanent, although sometimes the treatment may need to be repeated after a few weeks.

Duration of the treatment: 5-30 minutes
Lasting of effects : permanent or temporary (several years)

Convalescence after the treatment: redness up to 48 hours. Delicate bubbles filled with liquid may be observed, healing up to 14 days.

Scar removal

Removal of scars, stretch marks and discolorations – with the use of a fractional laser, creating controlled damage to the dermis, we are able to force its reconstruction within the changed tissue, which significantly reduces the existing scars and stretch marks. Excess pigment in the form of discoloration can literally evaporate. In order to obtain satisfactory results, depending on the complexity of the problem, we perform 2-5 treatments at 6-week intervals.

Duration of the treatment: about 10 minutes
Lasting of effects: usually permanent (scars and stretch marks), discoloration in some people may have a tendency to relapse

Convalescence after the procedure: healing usually takes 5-7 days. Immediately after the treatment the skin is red, rough and swollen. Swelling reduced after about 24 hours, enucleation of rough spots between 4 and 7 days.

In addition to laser therapy, you can also opt for other treatments offered by our Clinic, including body jet liposuction or filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer of Dr. Pernak’s office.