Laser aesthetic gynecology

A minimally invasive treatment, which brings effects so far reserved only for surgical treatment. Reason – CO2 fractional laser (Edge ONE), which is suitable both for the so-called vaginal rejuvenation, as well as for the treatment of urinary incontinence. The effects of fractional therapy are sensational and long-lasting. Our Clinic has the latest generation CO2 Jeisys Edge One faction laser.

Aesthetic medicine more and more often departs from using the scalpel towards less invasive treatments.Until recently, satisfying effects could only be obtained through operations. Currently, the laser procedure effectively firms and narrows the vagina. The treatment is absolutely safe, there is no risk of complications and patients do not require a post-operative hospitalization.

EdgePulse produces high peak power in a very short time, which allows rapid ablation of the dermis and epidermis. Each laser pulse also brings heat to the dermis. Deep heating causes immediate contraction of the tissue, which minimizes damage to the epidermis and reduces the time of regeneration.

See a video with an animation of aesthetic gynecology treatment

Narrowing and revitalization of the vagina


After childbirth and due to the loosened with age and estrogen-deficient collagen fibers of the vagina (at least half of postmenopausal women suffer from Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome). The vagina becomes flaccid, its walls are less tense, its front wall lowered, often with the bladder and the urethra. The vaginal mucous membrane becomes fragile, thin and susceptible to injuries and infections. It reduces or completely eliminates sexual experiences, often also for a partner. Increases the frequency of infection and vaginal discharge. It gives signs of dryness and pruritus.

The laser beam heats the collagen found in the tissues located at the entrance of the vagina and in its canal. Collagen shrinks in contact with a higher temperature, its fibers become short and thick, which at the same time causes the reduction of laser-exposed tissues, consequently more tight and elastic. Specialists call this type of laser impact photothermal, non-ablative tightening and vaginal contraction. In other words, the vagina becomes tighter.

Anesthesia is not required.

Urinary incontinence

A significant proportion of women after natural childbirths have, or will have, a problem with stress incontinence. Symptoms increase after childbirth and intensify over the years. They are very often inherited. The problem of stress urinary incontinence also affects patients who did not give birth or gave birth through cesarean section.

The problem is a frequent illness and affects about 3-5 million women in Poland. In a group of women in their thirties, this percentage may increase up to 30%, and after 50 years – to almost 60%.
The procedure looks exactly the same as vaginal tightening, with the difference that the laser beam is directed to the tissues under the urethra.

Anesthesia is not required.

Crotch revitalization

With age, births and injuries, the crotch becomes flaccid and similarly covered with wrinkles, just like the skin of a hand or neck. For some patients it becomes a problem especially when changing partners.

After using the Edge One laser the collagen becomes re-tightened. The effects are really satisfactory.

2 hours before the procedure it is recommended to use Emla cream on the crotch and cover it with foil. It considerably reduces the pain.

Who are these treatments for?

Gynecological laser treatment is completely painless and lasts about 10-30 minutes. After the procedure, women can go home and do their daily activities.During a week after the treatment, it is not advisable to lift weights, take hot baths or have sex. However, except of the activities mentioned above, a woman can function regularly.

What are the benefits of gynecological laser treatment?

The treatment improves the condition of the vagina. It eliminates looseness caused by childbirth or menopause.Tightening the vagina greatly improves a woman’s well-being. It also greatly affects the quality of sex life. Prevents stress incontinence.

The treatment is intended for women who are struggling with the problem of vaginal looseness or other changes caused by previous births or menopause. The indication for the procedure includes also a reduction in the quality of sexual sensations or even the lack of sexual satisfaction and stress incontinence.


  • Menstruation
  • Infection within the vagina
  • Undiagnosed bleeding
  • Taking radiation-sensitive medicines.

Number of required treatments

Usually, one treatment is enough, although it has to be approached individually for each case. If the degree to which the tissues are stretched is quite high and a woman after the first treatment is not fully satisfied, the process of laser vaginal tightening should be repeated after about a month – a two-month break.
Preparation for the treatment:
The treatment does not require any special preparation, however the condition of joining it is a current cytological examination.

Cost of treatment

  • laser treatment of urinary incontinence- 1500 PLN
  • treatment of the loose vagina syndrome after childbirth- 2500 PLN
  • treatment of vaginal dryness and atrophy- 2500 PLN
  • rejuvenating the walls of the vagina, vulva and crotch – 2500 PLN