Cryolipolysis – slimming by freeznig

Cryolipolysis is a modern, effective and painless method of slimming through freezing. The latest CoolTech device uses this method, which name comes from “cryo” – icy cold and “lipolysis “- chemical breakdown of fat. Thanks to the modern technology performed with the CoolTech device it is possible to shape the figure without using a scalpel.


How does CoolTech work?

Permanent reduction of adipose tissue is the result of long-term (70 minutes) cooling of adipose cells to the temperature of minus 6 up to minus 8 Celsius degrees. Cooling the adipose tissue, performed under full control of CoolTech advanced systems, leads to damage of adipose cells, which are subsequently eliminated from the body by standard metabolic processes.


  • reduction of adipose tissue by means of cryolipolysis
  • removal of local fat accumulation
  • body shaping

Advantages of CoolTech cryolipolysis:

  • lasting effects already after the first treatment, even up to 30% less fat cells,
  • the process of reducing adipose tissue is non-invasive and based on natural metabolic processes,
  • two independently controlled applicators save your time,
  • -8°C and 70 minutes of treatment for optimal results,
  • it has the status of a Medical Device, which guarantees the highest safety,
  • the device is distinguished by a unique design of the applicators, efficient cold generators and a powerful vacuum pump,
  • it is equipped with special inserts that can be used to adjust the applicators cable heads to smaller areas.

The condition for an effective and safe cryolipolysis is to cool the adipose tissue to minus 8 degrees, maintain the desired temperature in the adipose tissue for 70 minutes, isolate the treatment area by using negative pressure, effectively protect the skin surface against frostbite.

Stages of the treatment:

  • qualification for the treatment – the treatment is preceded by a consultation during which we answer questions, explain the essence of the procedure, exclude contraindications, assess the thickness of tissue, make measurements, and qualify for the treatment.
  • suction process – a special anti-freeze gel, protecting against frostbite is applied to the treatment area. A cooling applicator is applied to the prepared area. Intense negative pressure sucks skin and subcutaneous tissues. Suction of tissue is very important as it allows precise application of low temperature directly to the adipose tissue. Simultaneously, the negative pressure effect reduces blood circulation in the treatment area, which significantly increases its effectiveness and reduces pain.
  • tissue cooling process is based on metal elements in the middle of the applicators and cold generators in the main module. Two very efficient cold generators (separate for each applicator) cause a very rapid drop in temperature of adipose tissue to minus 8 degrees. This means that practically immediately after the beginning of the procedure, the target temperature is reached and 100% of the time is used for cryolipolysis. The combination of negative pressure and current monitoring of tissue temperature allows for selective damage to adipose cells, while avoiding damage to the dermis.
  • metabolic phase. Adipose cells are damaged when exposed to the influence of low temperature. Inflammation occurs at the treatment spot. The organism, reacting to tissue inflammation, initiates utilization process, which leads to a definitive removal of damaged cells from the body, in a natural way, within 6 up to 12 weeks.

After completing the CoolTech procedure, you can immediately return to your daily activities!


Who is the treatment for?

Removal of adipose tissue with the CoolTech method is primarily recommended to people who, despite diets and exercises, cannot get rid of unnecessary, unaesthetic fat from neuralgic areas of the body:

  • sides,
  • belly,
  • arms,
  • inner side of thighs
  • hips and back.

Each fat freezing procedure is preceded by a consultation. During the meeting, the doctor will answer any questions and dispel any doubts.

What happens during the procedure?

The area of the body on which the treatment is performed is covered with a special gel pad, which is to additionally protect the skin. During CoolTech operation, excess adipose tissue is placed between two cooling panels. During the treatment by freezing the patient feels a slight coolness and a delicate, painless suction of the skin, i.e. its stretching. After some time, the area of the body subjected to cryolipolysis becomes numb. After the treatment, it is possibile that redness will occur in the place where the applicator touches the skin and bruises appear, especially in people with a tendency to easily crack capillaries. In case of people with characteristic loose tissue and in women who have given birth, it is possible to freeze the epidermis locally, which is temporary and recedes within 7 days.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is non-invasive, the discomfort is only sensible within dozen of primary seconds – when sucking the folds of the skin, then it is painless to the extent that you can read a book or work on a laptop.
After the treatment, redness and bruises may appear, as well as a few days of discomfort. In case of some patients, sensory weakness may also occur in the area of the treated skin.

What happens after the procedure?

The results are not visible immediately. You have to wait several months in order that your body gets rid of cells damaged during the treatment. They are removed from the body slowly during the metabolic process of the organism. It is only after four months that the final effect of the treatment can be observed.

The treatment is non-invasive and in no way affects the increase in cholesterol.

How many treatments shall be performed?

The treatment can be repeated:

  • after 4-6 weeks – on the same body area,
  • after 2 weeks – on another body area.


Research confirms that the reduction of adipose tissue with a device using the cryolipolysis method is very effective, non-invasive, and most importantly, it gives lasting results. Adipose cells in the human body are very sensitive to cold and are destroyed at 0 degrees. The first effects of the treatment are noticeable after about 4 days, when the adipose tissue relaxes. For more visible and above-average effects of weight loss without a scalpel you have to wait from one to several months, so that the organism removes damaged fat cells from the body. The most important information for our patients is the fact that the final effect of the treatment is the reduction of body fat by up to 25-45%, which means a loss of even a few centimeters. It should be remembered that after the procedure you cannot put on weight, as this will make it impossible to notice the expected effects.