Aesthetic medicine in Gdansk

Treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine allow you to beautify, rejuvenate and overcome beauty defects. In most cases, the effects of such treatments are natural and fully satisfactory. In contrast to plastic surgeries, treatments do not exclude the patient from daily activities.

You will find a wide range of treatmentsin our Clinic, thanks to which we can improve the condition of the skin and delay the aging process. We adapt all treatments individually to patient’s expectations, age, type and condition of the skin, as well as the degree of progression of the changes.

W ofercie gabinetu medycyny estetycznej Dr Pernak you will find such treatments as nonsurgical lifting, laser removal of scars, Body Jet liposuction or body shaping using other methods.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer of our Clinic.

Nitrous oxide – terrific pain relief

Carboxytherapy – a novelty in aesthetic medicine

Minilift – threads

Wrinkle removal


Body-jet – liposuction

Varicose veins – obliteration

Platelet-rich plasma

Hair loss treatment

Body shaping – Kuma Shape

Laser aesthetic gynecology

Aesthetic medicine pricelist