Aesthetic medicine – platelet rich plasma

Platelet rich plasma

Platelet rich plasma is a substance rich in growth factors, stimulating stem cells for regeneration, obtained from the patient’s own blood.

By injecting plasma directly into the appropriate layers of the skin, we accelerate the process of regeneration, tissue renewal and stimulate fibroblasts to produce new collagen.

Platelet-rich plasma has healing, hemostatic, pain-reducing properties that cause strong biostimulation of fibroblasts and tissue regeneration, is completely biocompatible, does not cause inflammation, and occurrence of allergy is 100% eliminated.

The mechanism of Meso Beauty operation consists in increasing the ability to regenerate and reconstruct skin tissues, supports the processes of angiogenesis, activates stem cells and stimulates fibroblasts to create new collagen.

What does the treatment with platet-rich plasma using MesoBeauty PROTEAL look like?
This procedure involves taking a small amount of the patient’s blood and preparing the platelet-rich plasma from it in the process of centrifugation in a special device. As a result, platelets accumulate in one plasma layer. In the following stage, the doctor takes the platelet-rich plasma using a specially constructed MesoBeauty tube. The final phase consists in adding the appropriate reagent to the preparation, which is aimed at activating the plates to produce growth factor. As a result, platelet-rich plasma is formed that is injected into or onto the skin.

Administering platelet-rich plasma is similar to mesotherapy. A very thin needle is used for this purpose, which allows to introduce the obtained preparation into the area that requires wrinkle filling. We are also able to fill wrinkles or skin folds. Because the amount of obtained preparation is quite large, during one treatment we usually fill 3 body areas, e.g. face, cleavage and hands or the scalp.

Platelet-rich plasma obtained using the MesoBeauty PROTEAL system is characterized by a very rich content of growth factors. As a result, the stem cells are clearly stimulated for regeneration.

After applying the plasma to appropriate parts of the skin, you can see a visible acceleration of tissue renewal and regeneration process. The fibroblasts that start production of new collagen are also stimulated. In order to achieve a long-lasting effect, it is advisable to perform three treatments at intervals of 1-2 months.

The benefits of MesoBeauty therapy
First of all, the MesoBeauty treatment visibly renews and regenerates the skin, and initiates fibroblast stimulation for the production of new collagen. Strong revitalization is possible primarily thanks to the so-called Autologous Cellular Renewal – through the action of one’s own growth factors and stem cells, resulting in revitalization of the skin. Consequently, thanks to the right content of growth factors and plasma stem cells, we get the effect of smoothing wrinkles and skin folds.

It is also worth remembering that platelet-rich plasma is completely bio-compatible and natural, therefore there is no risk of intolerance or allergy.


    MesoBeauty plasma is widely used in:

  • rejuvenation treatments, i.e. general regeneration and revitalization of the skin on neck, face, eyelids and entire body,
  • removing small wrinkles,
  • treatment of acne scars,
  • accelerating healing of wounds after surgery (after lasers, plastic surgery),
  • treatment of baldness and hair loss.


Your personal youth elixir – a cream with your own plasma.
Cream personally dedicated.

We offer our patients a cream with their own platelet-rich plasma.

This is an absolute novelty on the cosmetic market.

The preparation is 100% natural and perfectly absorbed, because it is created, among others from the plasma of the cream owner.

Strengthens the effect of mesotherapy, the skin becomes firm, elastic, luminous, perfectly nourished and full of radiance.

Wrinkles are significantly reduced and the skin itself acquires a healthy, fresh color.

The cream should be stored in a refrigerator, its expiry date is 30 days.

Prices of the cream with its one’s own plasma are provided in the tab Aesthetic medicine price list.